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I wanna give my girl good head she never had it before what do I do? I've never done it







What’s going on man. 

Imma walk through a 5 step process. I got you

Step 1— 
Well you got the first step already. You are eager and willing to learn which when it comes to pussy eating you should have that mindset whether its with 1st or your thousandth.

Step 2 - How dat monkey hang?

get familiar with the vulva (that’s the name of the external gentalia) not just the clitoris. you would be surprised by the number of men and women who aren’t familiar with the structures. this is important. know what you are licking. 

Step 3 -Tongue exercises

I found this video. You strengthen your body body exercising why not your tongue to perform better?

Step 4 - Anticipation

Unless otherwise specified by your partner. Don’t dive for the box off the top.  Work your way from the top to bottom leaving her pussy for last. Start with kissing, playing. get her wet before you without putting your mouth on her. When she is ready tease her a bit kiss and lick lightly bite her thighs (if she is into that). 

Step 5 - Time to Eat

Unless otherwise specified by your partner. Don’t go for the clit first. Work the outer lips. lick them  suck on them work your way inward lick her second set of lips. Lick around her vaginal opening. stick your tongue in some girls like it some don’t, Do that for awhile then slowly work your to way the clit.  lick the clit . make shapes and letter, number if you have to I am trying to learn kanji See how she responds some women only require light indirect pressure and  and some require direct stimulation and  heavy sucking. Listen to her breathing. Watch her hips move. Ask her want you can do to make her orgasm? Do you want me to lick faster? Slower? right there?

And that’s all I got as far as the basic. The rest is up to experience and how well you know you listen to your girl.

Have fun and keep an open mind. You may not make her cum the first time but that’s okay you are learning.You both are it’s a new experience for her as well.

Now go forth and  nourish yourself on the juices of your lady, my friend.





ladies and gentlemen.

This is why I am in love with this man.

Thst last gif

reposting boys/girls take notes! jesuuuus hallelujah.

This is a man who practice what he preaches. Trust me.

Those gifs kills me man 


i dont like school or people or people from school

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i love her hair and makeup. 




Kappa men»»


Nice map of the Indian Nation (big ups to Chickasaw, Cherokee, Caddo, and Natchitoches)

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Phylicia Rashad and Debbie Allen (1988)

The way Debbie Allen used to dance…

She used to stir the straw to young SoulJunkees drink. I was all of maybe 8 or 9. All I needed was 5 minutes though.

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